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    Branding project
This is a branding project I did at NKF, Norwegian School of Creative Studies. Heimen, a Norwegian company who specialises in tradtitional Norwegian costumes wanted a web portal and a profile called Create Norway. The website would provide information on courses, seminars and lectures and would be a portal where Norwegian artists and designers could show their work, make contacts and help to increase interest. The aim of the webportal was to help increase interest and create an environment that makes it possible for Norwegian designers to survive in Norway.

I decided to change the name Create Norway to Noko fra Norway which means "Something from Norway" in Norwegian. Noko is also a term frequently used by creative people in some countries, implying beautiful and functional design. 
On the final day there were about 80 logos and brand manuals Heimen could go through and choose from and they chose to use mine. 
None of the images used in this assignment are mine and are only used to show the style I had in mind. 
Design is by Norwegian fashion designer Damien Fredriksen Ravn
Photography: Charite Smet for Damien Ravn
Photography: Zeb Daemen for Heaven Tanudiredja