The.DPP Spring 2020 Exhibition
"Your Next Appointment" by Timothy Curtis
"Dharam" by Madison Baños
"Open Seating" by Zina Harding, Curator's Choice
"Rise from the Dead" by Rogelio Adame Govea
"Cool Swamp Mist" by David Hester
"George Provocative" by George Wood
"Portmanteau" by Dylan Cannone
"Despondent" by Dylan Cannone"
"Inseparable" by Emily Lynn Hsieh
"Nam Joti Kaur Khalsa" by Meikan Etsudō
"I feel pretty, oh so pretty" by Beth Smith
"Forever Learning" by David Hester
"The News is Floating Around" by Jude Newland
"The Price of Beauty" by Kylie Birchfield
"Eastciders Float" by Nathan Bryant
"What is normal?" by Kylie Birchfield
"athazagoraphobia" by Stephen Gilmore
"Death is fate" by Kylie Birchfield
"Nude02" by Hayley Segura
"How Far is too Close?" by Joel David Perez
"Vinca" by Emma Sitzman
"Donkey + Moon" by Pamela Villegas
"Kids being Kids" by Agata Chwalek
"Graphite" by Jessica Oswald
"Club Kitten" by Luna Bolton
"Breakfast" by Agata Chwalek
"doom town" by Stephen Gilmore, Curator's Choice
"Global Knife Set" by Liam Keanini
"Quality Time" by Agata Chwalek
"COVID-19 Day 2" by Daniel H Lee
"Self-Portrait, 2020" by Bill Mullarky
"Master Copy" by Whitney Phillips, Curator's Choice
"In a Haze" by Karla Vasquez
"Pyre of Overindulgence" by Eric Edge
"Empty Laundromat" by Emily Lynn Hsieh
"We Didn't Start The Fire" by Jessie Edwards
"Smokin' Hot" by David Hester
"Devotion" by Bianca Borges, Curator's Choice
"Modern Living" by Jasmine Cogan
"The Plague Doctor" by Derick Miller, Curator's Choice
"Man and Machine" by Christina Hossler
"A New Day - At Home" by Jeffrey Horvath
"Juneau 02" by Jeff Cherry
"Black Lipstick" by John Stansell
"Untitled 04" by Dharam Khalsa
"To Forget" by Victor J Quintana R
"Dream Hike No. 3" by Joel David Perez
"Caribbean Sea" by Janell Evans
"EXTRAterrestrial" by Anthony Gareaux
"Mayhem" by Jasmine Cogan
"Cloud Bridge" by Jason Hyde
"Enclosed Patio Austin Central Library" by Daniel H Lee
"Naoto" by Dharam Khalsa
"Waves" by Anthony Gareaux, Curator's Choice
"Untitled 26" by Dharam Khalsa
"Charcuterie Board" by Mica McCook
"Nike" by Juan Valdes
"Vulnerable" by Emma Sitzman
"Foggy Night" by Christina Hossler
"Closing Time" by Mica McCook
The.DPP Spring 2020 Exhibition