Book cover illustrations for 5 of the 7 deadly sins
Rob Schneider – I choose an image of an American comedian in a possession which shows an envy part of a character in a move. This composition created on a white paper and I paint it with sprays. Green background and black for the character.
For the gluttony theme I choose an image of a lady who’s holding a spun and the food she eating is all over to her face “like she did a dive in the plate”. I found a deferent way to do this composition. As I was cutting the paper off for the stencil creation I saw the glue front me and I was starting to glue the parts of the papers which at the previous compositions was unnecessary. The conclusion is “clearer” and for the stencil way I did a jump to the collage. That’s proving that both are similar and that they may belong to the same family.
For the lust composition was difficult for me to found an image to work with. I choose an image of statue I photographed at Prague which represent two person (a man and a women) who’s met each other at the civil war period maybe (they wearing military cloths) and they are hugging.
Popular Hitchcock image in a pride expression.
​The Simpsons family - Homer Simpson: Homer Simpson is the animated father character in    a television show. Homer is really sloth, his always eating doughnuts and sleeping and he look like he doesn’t care at all. I thing that he is one of the greatest examples for the theme.  For this composition I worked with sprays and a stencil. Yellow background and black character.