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    Zoe Townsend Identity and Book Design.
(Branding & Book Design)
      "Chromatose explores dimension, color, space, and detail. The underlining reason I am so drawn to this work is because of the wonderful serendipity that the work promotes.  Whether it is the mystery the viewer experiences when looking at these high-gloss images or the unpredictability of using a scanner, during the creative process, I hope to relay that feeling of mystery that i feel when i make the work.  To create the imagery i use a flat bed scanner. I am able to create the compositions on sheets of glass and then bring them to the scanner and wait to see the outcome. Because of some of the materials i am using, the compositions shift and change while being scanned. I want to raise questions, this is one of the reasons I decided to have creative writers contribute their creative response to the work. I would like to think that the work is open-ended enough that when anyone spends time with it their impressions are unique to how they are feeling in that moment."
-Zoe Twonsend 2012
- - -
Photography by Zoe Townsend
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