Magazine kiosk
Bus stops in Mexico, without even regarding the weather, the limited space of the bus stop and the boredum, tend to be uncomfortable and have lengthy waiting times. The main purpose of this design is to make bus stops into a meeting point, a place where you can feel safe and comfortable. The structure is made of wood and aluminum making it a convenient shelter from the changing weather.

This design features a snack dispenser, a display with the capacity to house 114 magazine covers with a QR code to check contents and availability and avoiding the possibility of damaging the magazines, a screen for a map, advertising and information about the weather, temperature, the routes and nearby options of transportation and a WiFi spot which will allow users to connect to the available social networks and share information or just have fun while they wait for the next bus improving the quality of time we spend outside our houses doing everyday activities.

There are two possibilities for the magazine cover display, one is that you can check a digital preview of the magazines and then buy them online with the code and check them out on a smartphone, and the other is a simplified version, to check the printed copy and buy it there or you can still buy it online with the same code.

Featured in "MAN Forum" 02/2012 Edition -  The MAN Group Magazine.