COKE SIEGE superbowl 2011
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    Crazy super bowl spot that I directed with my pal Mat for Coca Cola!
COKE SIEGE superbowl 2011
Here is the film i directed secretly with my pal Mat for the Coca-Cola superbowl spot of 2011. We made it in London thank to a fantastic team at Nexus productions and Framestore!
Enjoy and let me know what you think!
Some images from the film
As you can see we tried to keep the painterly look as much as possible. We wanted to make a film that would be an animated version of the amazing concept arts we found in the fantasy world!
We used painted background , painted textures and tried to limit as much as possible the optical effects like the depth of field, by replacing it with some atmospheric depth, hazing the further moutains and contrasting the foregrounds. Basically, we used simple painting techniques in motion!
Hope you enjoy it!