AGL Primo Realty Corp is a realty builder & developer company.
Vege Quest is an app game still being developed in the US
Blue Crystal is a local water refilling station in Lipa City
SWIB Holidays Inc. is a Travel & Tours company consists of 4 branches. The client wants a globe logo with a crown. The crown consists of 4 people holding hands. It represents the 4 branches under SWIB Holidays Inc.
Home is an online agency for home-based workers.
Goatcake is an acoustic indie band in Batangas. You can find them in Spotify.
Hermano's Barique Grill is a bar in Batangas.
Je'ta is an online food delivery shop that serves healthy meals.
Kabayan Beach Resort is a beach resort in Laiya, Batangas.
Millenial 3 Kings is a security guard agency. It is about to open very soon.
Mimicry is a local indie band from Lipa, Batangas
This logo is for a test when I applied as a graphic designer for a cigarette company. I was not contacted after I made this logo. Lol.
Southwind is a local scooter & parts shop in Lipa City.
Wanderlust Travel & Tours is under SWIB Holidays Inc. It is a travel & tours agency.
Yja is my band. Check us out on Spotify. ;-)
Tercera is an indie local band composed of four members.
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