My Self-Identity
Raffaella Ciavatta
Often times I find it easier to develop a logo for someone else rather than yourself. I'm not quite certain on why developing a logo for your own persona is quite challenging. Perhaps it is because it is hard to look at yourself objectively, or because you change your mind all the time, or you might just be one of those that like me, are extremely self-critical. Therefore making your self-identity process more intense, more challenging, more different, more adventurous, more everything.
Until you pause. and breathe. and see that less is more. So the idea of flipping the counter of the R, turning it into a C.
Yes, finally the right shape. Now, let's have some fun with it.
Then final adjustments were made. Such as height and curves.
A whole spectrum of colors started being explored.

The type is modern, straight to the point, careful with detail, meaningful and precise.
Mood swings.
And the winners...
This is how my signature looks like.
And all that spacial exploration turned into this...
The leave behind process begins.
Conceptually I wanted to come up with a lunch bag with the following tag line "Let's Have a Great Business Lunch". This bag would include:
1-) A menu
2-) Matches
3-) Postcards
4-) A biscotti

The whole project also was focused on green design: recycled paper, recycled clothing and recycled plastic.
Now, let's find recycled plastic bags and silkscreen them!
And also... why not wear my own shirt with the same tag line?
For the inside menu I had this idea of creating a restaurant called designeria.
It is a play off a Tratoria (Italian restaurant that is specialized in pasta) and design, as me and a potential employer were eating at a place where great and fresh design is served.
For the inside part of the menu I decided to have multiple sizes of pages that would go from small to big:
1-) Appetizers
2-) Primo Piatto
3-) Secondo Piatto
and of course the dessert itself, the biscotti.

For the color scheme I played it off my color exploration of my logos.
Thanks to the amazing graphic designer and photographer Krista Svalbonas, this booklet was made possible. She helped me put it together and figure out the best sewing method for it.