art/photography/fashion events
3 years ago I had the pleasure to organize art, photography and fashion events. My assignment was to search and choose the artists, appropriate to the event theme, contact them, organize the exhibition and prepare flyers, banners, aso.
As I also am an artist, or try to be one, it sometimes happened that I took part to the exhibitions by myself.

It has been a wonderful experience, and I would like to thank all the artists, photographers, fashion designers, all the people who loved us, and keeps on going to rinasSense events and, of course, Ilaria, the head and soul of rinasSense.

You can get more infos on:
Rinassense event on the Tiber river, Rome
Illustration and Layout for Flyer
Illustration and Layout for Flyer
Lowbro/contemporary/pop art
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My artworks - "The bleeding exhibition"