Every day, someone somewhere gets a t-shirt of a country he never had been, a team he never had seen play 
or an university whose can not even pronounce his name correctly.
All we can do is ask why we do it. Why we feel more identified with a T-shirt that says "College of
Massachusetts" with one that puts the name of our high school, in which we had studied, and is in our city.
This project arises from the analysis of this massive trend to take names and symbols of things and places  
that mean nothing for us.
The reason is simple, it's just fashion.
I.E.S. Tomás Morales || I.E.S. Isabel de España
I.E.S. Politécnico || I.E.S. Benito Pérez Galdós
This shirt is 100% cotton.
Try to wash with similar colors.
Try not to put it in the dryer.
Try ironed inside out.
Try to enjoy it.
Try not paying too much attention to the three
early indications from this list.
Try to repeat the fourth over and over again.