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    A series of illustration made by cotton and my hand drawing to create a fun artwork.
Finally, I have done my second personal project. Still, they are made by some simple or everyday objects and my hand drawing. And this time, I'm using "Cotton". In this project, most of my thoughts are more on a childhood dream or a child imagination. 
I always imagine that I can touch the cloud when I was young. And now, my dream comes true! But it is not enough, I want it to be accompanied by birds and the colorful rainbow. 
Hmm...it really looks very old, but this is the first car that bought by my dad and I love it so much.
Haha...ice-cream. Not have to descibe so much, I believe everyone likes it, right?  
Look at the coffee smoke, what would you think of?
Water drop from water tap, just for fun.
What words or color would you put in to the talk?