Every year I make a drawing for my stepfather's birthday. 
This year I wanted to give something different from the drawings I made before.
My stepfather and I recently joined a shooting club here in Amsterdam.
From this I got the idea to draw us together as a duo that is ready for zombies (he will have to practice some more if that time comes).
Normally I make a drawing with the whole family, so I didn't leave them out this time. Those are my zombies!
I started with a sketch of our positions, added details and color. Then I colored the lines and added extras like shadows and highlights.
Here's my stepfather focusing real hard to shoot straight. On the right is my target from a distance of 12m.
The Deadly Duo

The Deadly Duo

An illustration made for my stepdad. We both have recently joined a shooting club where we shoot up to twice a week. It's our thing and I made an Read More