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    Fashion Museum on Omotesando street Wearing the woven gown
Wearing the Woven Gown 
Fashion Museum on Omotesando street
 Tokyo, JP | 2010  

Competition entry_ 112520 | arquitectum.com

Competition Competition 2011 | architizer.com
First Prize
Jury Citation
 Dung Ngo:
"a visually arresting form, a fresh take
on the architecture/fashion romance."
Felis Burrichter:
"Formally daring"


of competition was to design a 100 meters high tower-museum located on Omotesando Street, containing exhibition halls for decades of 20th century fashion history and to become a landmark for Tokyo.
CONCEPT: Wearing the Woven Gown
Like the human body is draped in fabric, the genuine matter symbolizing fashion itself, the building is draped in its outer shell: the woven gown. The threads of the gown are solar tubes supplying the museum with sustainable energy and make up the efficient outer shell.
As the history of fashion flows uninterrupted and the end of each decade is not the boundary, the transition through the whole exhibition area is organized as a uniform gallery. The gallery is branched out from the core building, stretching hands embrace the air around enhancing the relation between inside and outside, adding
extra dimension to the environment of Omotesando street.
The system of moving walkways directs the visitors through exhibitions starting from ninth level to the top. The striking volume of the catwalk: the main venue of fashion shows, cantilevers on 35 meters at the Omotesando Street. Green terraces above the stretched galleries and the sky bar at the top of the building allow a complete 360 degree view of Tokyo's cityscape keeping visitors in interaction with the city.
Model: the treads of the gown enswathe the structure
Situation Plan
Exposition route diagram
                                                     Section A-A                                   Eastern Elevation
Interior view within cantilever Catwalk
Interior view to temporary Exhibition space