amb technic - brand refresh & CI design

AMB Brand refresh and Corporate
Identity Design

Client: AMB
Agency: Clipatize

AMB Technic is a specialist in precise dosing of glue, rubber sealings, grease, oil, etc. This family-owned business
has 25 years of experience on the market and their brand was ready to enter its new phase with a new look.

To best convey AMB’s technical expertise, we have made the lettering in the logo look as if it was poured by a machine;
the gentle curves and stroke size imitate a machine-dosed liquid.

The brand refresh project also involved bringing order into the brand’s broad colour palette and designing a wealth of
branded gadgets, from staff uniforms, to a fleet of company vehicles.

The staff and clients were taken by surprise when the new look and the company’s new website were rolled out
at once at a brand launch event. 


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Brand materials

Account Manager: Sławomir Wolski
Creative Director: Jan Kuczyński
Art Direction/Design/Illustrations: Jan Wawrynkiewicz
Junior Graphic Designer: Maria Jeleńska 

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amb technic - brand refresh & CI design

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amb technic - brand refresh & CI design