24.com needed new logos as the old logos were designed before the rise of mobile and therefore were not created with a small screen in mind. As growth in mobile is a key objective of 24.com, it was important to create something that worked well on mobile phones. The design and marketing teams also felt that the old logos did not translate well on various social media apps. The old logos with the glossy Web2.0 button styles had dated fairly quickly, so we went for a much cleaner, more simplified look that would not date quite so easily. The colours were made richer and changed slightly to make the logos more readable and create better differentiation between the brands.

The biggest challenge was selecting a font that had an appropriate mood across the various brands, but would be visually interesting. Early on in the process, it was decided that we would no longer have a holding shape as it did not shrink well on smaller mobile screens.
New logos, logobuttons for social network applications, and favicons.
Old logos