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    The Soul. Are we not more than the sum of our parts?
A basic camera is merely a black box with a hole in it to let light in, capturing light frequencies.

Human beings are similar, being receptors of vibrations and frequencies but also emit them (radiance, sound, perceptions). The black box does not think whereas the human 'feels' thoughts. 

It is often said that somewhere in each of us lies the Soul - a hard to define concept. We know that a camera has no soul and yet it can record emotion, so in photography terms, the soul must lie within the photographer's perception and engagement with reality. 

One should be able to 'feel' a photographic image at a deep level thus making the connection with the perceiver’s emotions and engaging its being. 

My quest here is to find the 'Soul' in photography, not the camera, but the Universal connection which engages awareness into One principle.

The Principle of the Soul
On-going project....
Windows of the Soul

My mind can be dark
But my eyes see
Therefore my mind sees
There is light without
There is Light within
Achieving Solar Maximum 
Knock Knock

There's a dark knock on my door.
Should I answer it? 
Random Six

Sometimes the're up
Sometimes they're down
Sometimes they're somewhere in between.
Like life don't you think?
Life Sparkles

Globules of Light shaken from Darknes
Light Intensity_3739

Beyond the edge of darkness
Soul Ascension

To leave this world freely and without regret
Is the hope for eternal peace
This Point in Time

Where is my life leading?
I only truly know 'Now'
Yet, like the wires on the fence
Feel connected to Past, Present and Future
A Dark Mood
Temple of Testimony

In the Temple I await you
You have much to answer for
You thought it didn't matter
You thought you got away with it
Now bow your head and enter
And be Fearful.
Restless Spirit
Fall from Grace

Crest-fallen from a Higher Power
Where the Light absolves everything
Where we are cleansed, purified, redeemed.

No wonder then
As I spiral backwards into the Plane of Existence
I feel a sense of regret
Turning Away

Turning away from light into darkness.
Path through Thicket

A path leads into a thicket of trees as if somehow it is a place of ultimate obstruction. It reminds me of one's struggle to find meaning in a tangled world. The path should be the direction and yet the outcome is far from clear. Are we being led into danger, or is the answer at its end. The journey is mine and the wood my mind.
Ascending or Decending
Time Warped

Dimensions clash in liquified mass
Only to bridge the here and now
The door you refused remains closed
The Forgotten Way
As I wander in the shadows on the path of Life
I see a staircase leading upwards into sunlight and feel the hope of the Light to come.