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A website for a massage therapist
Client: Sigi.
Client's profession: Sigi is a massage therapist.
Client's location: England.
Client's needs: Logo, website, website design, hosting, business card, stationery templates.

Client's goals: Sigi wanted a very simplistic website that also served to streamline a lot of business operations.

Tools used:
Design - Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo.
Development - Jekyll, Javascript, SASS, HTML5, git, gulp, stripe payment, harmonizely online booking, Facebook chat.
Sigi wanted a mostly white and very simple website. She wanted to convey a clear message of calm, peacefulness. The natural choice of colour was a vibrant blue to offset the white throughout.

Sigi also wanted the website to manage her typical business requirements so she could be free of the hassle and focus on her patients.

I set up an online booking, online payments, and a custom online consent form. I also made several email templates to communicate common questions like booking confirmations, location details, treatment expectations, and payment details. This made her business almost 80% automated. Although simple and light in appearance, the website managed to do a lot of heavy lifting for her.

We also had to cater to her dual clinic locations, England and Norway, with automation for each country.

As a result, Sigi is now fully booked, never takes any calls, never deals with payments, never deals with bookings or cancellations, and never has to make her patients fill in legal consent forms. So her clinic is paperless.
This is the custom consent form that I made for Sigi.
Below is the booking system she has for each of her different services. Each form has an applicable payment option as well.
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A website for a massage therapist


A website for a massage therapist

A clean, modern, and simplistic website for a massage therapist.