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    A small side-project redesigning Twitter's Dashboard and more!
Hello everyone, 
My name is Suthan, I'm a Web Designer from Montreal, Canada and this here is my first post in Behance. Lets get to it!
A really long time ago, I was bored and I like to design random stuff whenever boredom kicks in so I re-designed Twitter's dashboard which can be found here: http://forrst.com/posts/Twitter_Redesign-r9y . Now, 2 years passed by and over the years I've learned more and gained more experience so I decided to re-design Twitter again one more time. Yes, I was bored. So here it is. 
This time I designed Twitter with the idea of creating a wide dashboard that displays everything and be able to quickly access the things you want. The previews you see only shows the design in it's wide-est form and of course if it was ever coded it will be responsive and will do it's magic. Even though I wanted to design a mobile/responsive version I got caught up with client-work and such I did not have enough time to put more work into this little project.
Please check it out below and enjoy. I hope you like it. More from me soon, hopefully!
Main Dashboard
Compose Tweet / New Tweet Popup Modal
Messages / Conversation
Navigation / Profile Options Dropdown Menu
Closer Look?
And there we have it. That is all. I really wish I had more time to work on other pages such as profile, login page, etc. but this will do. Maybe in the near future I'll continue it!
On Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/shots/1142625-Twitter-Redesign-2013
On Forrst: http://forrst.com/posts/Twitter_Redesign_2013-GSD
Once again, thank you for viewing! :)
Suthan S.