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    Oneighty self-promotion on uncovering the branding process.
Uncovering the Onesequence™ Process…
Branding exposed
Lets face it, in our industry we’re often faced with puzzled looks across the meeting room table of clients’ trying to completely understand the process of building a brand and where the effort goes.

We all thought enough was enough, as over the last 9 years we’ve always had a transparent, open door approach to our skills and process but this time wanted to really bring it home and spell it out.

Well, our Bex rose to the challenge and visualised a physical timeline of our brand process which creates a sort of mad hatter’s tea party feel, creating order out of chaos. With the help of our photographer (www.adrianray.co.uk) the vision became a reality – thanks Adrian.

The finished artwork is nearly done and please feel free to drop us a line if you are interested in a copy at:hello@oneightycreative.com