WWF - #PrayForHumankind


One of the biggest challenges we have in this world is caring about the things who defines our humanity, and we can do that within social media. Hashtags like #PrayForAmazon, #PrayForAustralia, #PrayForLebanon and many others show our empathy in global tragedies moments, but that is not enough. That’s why the WWF Generación 10 program created #PrayForHumankind, a massive movement to create 1 million actions for the planet

People joined this hashtag not only to show an obvious reality but so that every time #PrayForHumankind was used in social media, also show and promote a good action to help our planet.

Client: WWF
Agency: Sancho BBDO
President: Carlos Felipe Arango
CCO / Creative VP: Mario Lagos, Sergio León, Giovanni Martinez,Hugo Corredor
Executive Creative Director: Mario Lagos, Diego Almanza
Creative Director: Jhonny Victoria, Andrés Luque, Daniel Delgado
Art Director: Andrés Velandia, Manuel Bedoya
Copywritter: Carlos Andrade
Motion Graphics: Ricardo Solano
Retouch: Anderdog Studio, Jorge Ovuedo

WWF - #PrayForHumankind
Multiple Owners
Andrés Velandia