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    The gallery of personal drawings presenting architecture, greenery, geometry and other.
As an architecture student I used to draw a lot. Architecture and greenery have got most of my attention over the years, but I've always enjoyed structural geometry studies as well.
    Favourite techniques of mine:
    - black pen
    - colored pencil
Here's the gallery of my personal drawings, I hope you'll enjoy it.
Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Warsaw
Old Orangery, Warsaw
close up
Market, Kazimierz Dolny
close up
"Da Vinci's Studio" illustration
Warsaw Center, birdview
close up
Warsaw School of Technology
Basilica da Estrela, Lisbon
Old Town, Warsaw
(coffee + watercolor)
Kazimierz Dolny
Old Town, Torun
Wooden instruments study
Tree study (pen)
Tree study (pencil)
Torun (colored pencil)
Structural geometry studies (colored pencils):
close up
Thank you for watching :)