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    This is a partial list of games I have worked on in various roles. The box art shown is *NOT* my work, it is only meant to be a visual list.
I worked as an environment artist. I designed, modeled, layed out UVs and painted texutres. I was also the voice of the "Night Horde" goblins.
I created textures and was a voice actor for this title.
I created textures and animated sprites.
I created textures and animated sprites.
I created environment art for this one.
I modeled, textured and animated dinosaurs as well as player characters and props. I also provided voice for the male characters.
I modeled and textured props and environment elements.
I painted textures for props, environments and creatures.
I worked on the pinball table environments.
I was part of the cinematic team for this game. I provided star, nebula, galaxy etc. background paintings, modeling and texturing of props and scene elements. I animated my own shots and created FX.