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    This is a series of illustrations I painted for Mystic Eye Games around the year 2000.
Here is the cover for "The Pit of Loch Durnan." It is the first of the illustrations I did for Mystic Eye Games.
This image had it's start as a self promotional piece that I put in an online gallery back in the late 1990s. Doug Herring the founder of Mystic Eye games saw it and invited me to consider creating some illustraions for his books.
This is my favorite of the illustraions I did for Mystic Eye Games.
This painting was a collaboration with my friend Jason Smith who designed the characters. I invented a story in my head about a comming battle with the three of them out numbered. I imagined a spell I called "higher ground" that raiseds them up so their foes have an uphill battle. I had a ton of fun doing this one.
This is the cover art for Mystic Eye Games' world book "The Hunt-Rise of Evil." It depicts "Dimitri" a witch hunter and vampire slayer heading out to investigate reports of vampire activity in the area. He wears a variety of deffensive gear and weapons to aid him.
This is the city of Dire Port.