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Plan B is better than a Phase 2 - #Covid19 Poster EXPO.
Phase 2 or Plan B?

While the world is talking about a "Phase 2" of the Covid19 Lockdown that never seems to arrive, the question seems obvious: What if, instead of waiting for a second phase, we should just be ready for a "Plan B".
A “Plan B” is something that requires to change everything, to change the path we had studied before with something different, to change all the decisions that we had carefully made, all the plans that we had strategically set up to take a new risk in order to achieve our goals and solutions for a better life.

After seven weeks of quarantine, locked in, watching the news channels that continually spit out numbers of a pandemic that we begin to think could change our society forever we asked to our students and every artist and designer of the world to gave us a vision of their "Plan B".

A war between data and numbers and letters, words that after all is what made us still human. More than 100 artists joined this creative challenge by working on the same layout of a letter B. Starting all from the same letter but ending with unique artworks and vision from the creative field.

We collected in this video a selection of all the "Plan B" artworks received. Click play and enjoy this virtual exhibition or scroll down an watch all the proposals. 

Alessandro Ronchetti - IED Student (Italy)

Ambre Carladous - IED Student (France)

Bianca Fotea (Italy) - Blerim Xheladini (Italy)

BOB Liuzzo - IED Professor (Italy)

Camilla Scoccia (IED Student) - Italy

Dario Coppola (Italy) - Dario Fonnesu (Italy)

Davide Sottile - IED Professor (italy)

Diego Villanueva - IED Student (Spain) - Donatella Iuliano (italy)

Ermanno Iodice - IED Student (Italy)

Giò Brizzi (Italy)

Giulia Prezioso - IED Student (Italy)

Guglielmo Taveggia - IED Student (Italy)

Irene Costantini - IED Student (Italy)

Iride-Scent (Italy)

Laure Sanchez - IED Student (Italy)

Lorenzo Visciglio - IED Student (Italy)

Luigi Leuce (Italy)

Maha Haider (Palestine)

MAPO (Italy)

Mariarita Vittorioso (Italy)

Marina Bonanni - IED Professor (Italy)

Marta Mez (Italy)

Martina Chimisso - IED Studenti (Italy)

Matteo Barbesi (Italy) 

Mauro Panzeri - IED Professor (Italy) - Mauro Santella - IED Professor (Italy)

Meghna Vadivel - IED Student (India)

Nadja Stanojevic - IED Student (Serbia)

Noemi Listo (Italy)

Romeo Traversa - IED Professor (Italy)

Simone Baboni - IED Professor (Italy)

Sinem Ozvarnali - IED Student (Turkey)

Stella Johanna Wilke - IED Student (Germany)

Suneeha Tahir (Pakistan)


Xiaosu Huang - IED Student (China)

Plan B is better than a Phase 2 - #Covid19 Poster EXPO.