It's Elementary...
Poster/postcard - Unused proposal for the museum gift shop

Based on a classic 1940s-style Sherlock Holmes film poster. It was created using photographs of real people from the Victorian-era, Photoshoped to pose as Holmes and Watson while recent photos of wax works from the museum act as supporting cast members (Irene Adler and Professor Moriarty). 
Framed Photograph

Image of Holmes and Watson sold in a Victoria-era photo frame. The images are created from old photographs manipulated to match the characters' famous look.


Paperweights with a glass base in various sizes are sold in the gift shop displaying six different designs relating to Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson, London and the Victorian-era.
Drink Coaster 2
Drink Coaster 3
Drink Coaster 4
Drink Coaster 5
Drink Coaster 6