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    Random 3D printed gnomes scattered around NYC (and beyond)!
I've had this odd fascination with gnomes for the last odd number of years. My mom would send me gnomes, people would send me photos and honestly, I love the little guys. A few years ago my girlfriend and I decided to hide a big garden gnome in our courtyard and even wrote about it on our photo blog
Since then, I've started to work at Makerbot Industries and found how fun 3D printing can be. On top of this, a fellow co-worker also has a fascination for gnomes and scanned one in. I thought this would be the perfect time to take "Random Acts of Gnome" to another level, and thus actsofgnome.com was born! I'll be randomly hiding 3D printed gnomes around the world (mostly in NYC) for people to find. They can take a photo with them, take them home, whatever! It should be a blast! I'm also taking the opportunity to use my DSLR more again, which is always a plus. 
Below are the first three gnomes I've hidden. I'll try to keep this project up-to-date with the latest, but you can always keep track of the latest hidings on Twitter or the site itself
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