"Underwunderland" mural in the office of The Audience
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    A massive 45 foot long mural we created for the interior of the main work room at the offices of the Audience in Hollywood, CA in 2012.
Us standing in front of a portion of our the final installed mural at the offices of The Audience in Hollywood, CA.
A massive image we produced as a printed mural for the main work room ("the fish bowl") at the offices of The Audience (a company that manages the social media presence for other companies and performers/ artists/ celebrities) in Los Angeles, CA.  
The owner of the company has been collecting our work for years and loves sea creatures almost as much as us.  His direction was basically "I want a giant octopus!" and we ran with it and just began drawing.  And drawing. And drawing. Drawing our LOVE of the sea. The complexity and diversity of life beneath the waves.  We wish we could just keep drawing the image for ever, but eventually we just had to stop and begin the process of coloring the drawings or else the mural would never end up happening.
The completed, final artwork is a massive pencil drawing with some characters drawn separately and composited in.  Then the entire thing was painted in Adobe Photoshop.
The octopus in a color variant that was used for iPad protective covers produced by Gelaskins.
The room the mural was hung is a rotunda, which contributed to the room now being known as the "fish bowl".
Detail from the octopus
A fish has laid its eggs on eggs turtle's back.  They are still embryos but about to hatch and popping off, only not all of them are hatching into fish...
The coral was fun to draw, but once it came time to actually color it all in, we kind of regretted it.
Detail depicting the god of the sea who is angry at whale hunters and shark finners (the mural is packed with our own personal world view and concerns.
detail from the panoramic.  We always like the idea of humans dating other species...
The installation took about 8 hours.
Completed pencil drawing for the reef section of the mural.
originally planned to be in the mural itself, the whale shark and its followers was removed and printed as a separate die-cut and installed on a whale opposite the mural itself about 8 feet long.