System of Salvation / The Great Expectations Award 2009
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    System of Salvation / 2009 Link between street and homeless shelter First prize, The Great Expectations Award, FRAME : The Great Indoors
System of Salvation / 2009

First prize, The Great Expectations Award, 
FRAME : The Great Indoors. Link

Link between street and homeless shelter 

The homeless have developed their own habits whilst living on the streets. For example they carry their personal belongings close to them at all times, at night they sleep on top of them to protect them from getting stolen. In the shelter they are being separated from their belongings. The belongings are stored in lockers during their visit, the only possi-bility the homeless shelter see to keep the stuff safe. In addition the homeless spend the nights in bunk beds, in crowded rooms with very little privacy.
The design challenge here was to come up with a design that is more related to their life on the streets. Designing a link between the street and the shelter. In effect a design that enables them to keep their own belongings with them. In addition to add an item – the blanket - that gives the homeless even more privacy at night when it works as a separa-tion curtain, and that during the day on the streets can keep them warm.
The act of taking care and returning the blanket creates some responsibility; therefore the homeless person becomes part of a rou-tine with a daily scheme. This gesture ask something in return from the homeless and therefore shows the respect of being trusted.

In collaboration with
Tom Tack / Mahen de Beule / Farina Frank / Sun Veerman