POS Primavera
Naming, Identity, UI, Collateral, Advertising
Primavera approached Paleta de Ideias for the development of the user interface and branding of their first line of POS software.

In a saturated market where the major players have been settled for a while, this was the opportunity to stand out and create a space of its own.

The first part of the process was about the offer segmentation. Due to it's specifications and features, Primavera decided to develop two siblings of the same platform. One for the retail market and another for the food & beverage market. It was important to keep an high level of consistency within both products in order to strengthen the brand.

The main goal was to develop an intuitive and appealing user interface, as clear as possible, keeping in mind that this is a tool that needs to stay consistent. Working in tight collaboration with Primavera's development team, we were able to understand the applications' limitations in terms of structure and code constraints. The main features of this software would be speed and flexibility as it would have to adapt to a large set of businesses as well as running on different devices.