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Pita Jungle Research & Usability Testing
The ClientProfessor Prewitt for the benefit of Pita Jungle.

The Design: Research and testing to find improvements in current website to create mockups of a potential redesign. 

The Process: Research, personas, heuristic evaluation, information architecture card sorting testing, moderated usability testing, analysis, presentation, and mockups.

Tools Used: Adobe XD, OptimalSort, Google Forms/ Slides/ Docs/ Sheets, and Zoom. 

Team Members: Research, Analysis, and Reporting Team: Tim Arnold, Kai Wood, and Issa Yacoub
First type of research performed was the creation of a survey to discover demographics and some psychographics of current users of the site. The survey was created using Google Forms and used Google Sheets to export the data for analysis. Below are the links for each. 

Survey          Results Data
from the result of our survey, personas were created to represent the targeted audience of We made sure to not have a lot of text or paragraphs to keep it short and easy for people to skim/ read. We also kept the design simple for the same reasons, but wanted to bring in a little color from the Pita Jungle logo to bring in more of the brand. 
Next step of research consisted of a heuristic evaluation of Each team member completed their own and then we collaborated on analysis of our results. 

Our results indicated that the home page usability needed the most work, then page layout and visual design. Trust and credibility could also be improved. 

The next move involved information architecture of the current site. We created a card sorting test on Optimal Workshop to get a good idea what users think is best for With the results, we created a site map for the site. We found that the current navigation of the site is not what users would chose and could/ should be improved upon. 

Our next research move was to perform moderated remote usability tests. We created a pre-test to help get a better idea of the kind of users we were testing. 3 scenarios with 3 tasks in each scenario was created for the testing of We completed 8 tests, 2 for each team member, with help of a script and using Zoom to perform and record the tests. The script was more prep work in the beginning, but definitely helped with consistency of each test as well as the flow during the tests. I would recommend every one creating a script for all moderated remote testing for these reasons. 

This is probably my favorite part of research. Getting to see what users do that no one ever predicts. It is also interesting to observe and try to notice things that can later be used to help improve the experience for the user. Catching the behaviors that click counts can't give. I am a big fan of qualitative data. 

Below is my data from the users I tested, as well as the group data sheet. 

Observation Data                Pretest/ Post-test Data             Group Data Sheet
Some of the observations found within the remote moderated usability tests: 

- 5/8 users mentioned problems with the menu. 
- 4/8 users mentioned adding an menu item to the list because they had a hard time finding that item in one of the tasks. 
- 2 users pointed out that items on one menu were listed off the page. 
- 2 users said they would not recommend this site to their friends because it is not mobile friendly. 
- almost all users (7/8) ended up saying negative things about Pita Jungle after going through the test when they had good things to say at the start of the test. 
We got together as a team for analysis of the testing data. We completed a deck to present to stakeholders our findings on all of our research and what we recommend to help improve the usability of 

Some of the recommendations that came from all of our testing was targeted at improving their brand/ identity and navigation. Here are some of the specifics:

- better responsive design
- simplify the design
- improve first impression
- other minor menu format changes 

These changes were taken into consideration for the mockups of the redesign below, which was created in Adobe XD in case future prototyping occurred.  Plus, components and component states are an amazing feature!

I also wrote up the reasoning of my re-design choices in the document below. I made sure to use the data from the research to justify the changes being made. I would recommend the next steps for Pita Jungle after implementing the changes, to regularly do AB testing of different features as well as more usability testing to see where other improvements can be made to enhance the experience for their users. 

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Pita Jungle Research & Usability Testing

Pita Jungle Research & Usability Testing

Research & Usability Testing for Research included demographic survey, personas, heuristic evaluation, information architecture c Read More