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    Master's degree project / ESAG Penninghen
We often judge the persons by « face value », a body, a face, sometimes misleading expressions, false mirrors. The only means to discover the essence of the human being is to go beyond the horizon which separates the visible from the invisible.
Let us process to unveil the supra. In the words of Albrecht Koschorke : « Metaphysically, this line marks the border of the visible, which is why the horizon drawns our attention to what appears empty, to what is unseen. In other words, it suggests to us 
the existence of something beyond. »
The project takes the first aspect of a book and more exactly a manifesto. In six chapters, it expresses a statement, strong ideas highlighted in the graphics of the titles. One word, the main link in the chain : meta. Etymologically, this term means « go beyond » but also « change ». It serves as pivot to the project and represents the key which opens the door to the unknown,
to the unexplored.
The aim is to transport us over the borderline of appearance alone ; so that we may cross the threshold into what is more than
« skin-deep », into the heart of the subject, its truth. To quote Oscar Wilde : « The real mystery of the world is the invisible
and not the visible. » Thou shalt beware of appearance, thou shalt rid thyself of illusions, thou shalt seek the truth, thou shalt
go beyond the mask, thou shalt plunge into the depths of blackness, thou shalt discover an unexplored world ; so is the plan
of the project allowing us a progress to the depths.
The subjects developed are supported by philosophers, scientists, deep-sea divers or film-makers. They reveal to us
their personal vision of the word « meta ». After such discoveries, it will be difficult to re-surface...