I often work across a varied tool set. Still, my favorite since childhood has been the sketchbook. As a kid my sketchbooks were made up of stapled perforated dot-matrix paper (you know the ones with the green lines) scraps that my father brought from work. 

Now, I cant be without my Moleskine the way people hate to leave their phones at home. The sketchbook is a live part of my design process from architectural, graphic, or industrial design pursuits. For each of these I am often working with or for someone. So, sketches are pliable enough to still be inclusive and even open for a productive misinterpretation.

Each sketchbook begins to have its own personality....some i've even deemed as 'bad luck' because it was a series of projects where nothing went right. Others begin with a really nice series of sketches that intimidate me from continuing because I don't want to waver in quality. Yeah thats ridiculous....but i'm getting over it. Its the problem with using the accordion style books that are one continuous page. 

Below are few sketches that I had previously scanned. I'll be slowly adding more. So...if you got this far in the description thanks for reading and here's to the promotion of 'slowness' in the design process.