Larry H. Miller Leadership Conference 2020

Larry H. Miller Group of Companies Leadership Conference: 2020

The Larry H. Miller Dealership Conference is an annual event wherein executives from through the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies gather to set the agenda for the coming year and to learn leadership skills. The event is always held in Hawaii and each year features a different theme. Our challenge for 2020 was to explore a new visual execution and packaging design that reflected the theme of “Fostering a Culture of Growth and Innovation,” while also nodding to the feel of the event location.

Our solution was to use a color palette with lot of metallic options, including copper, which provided a connection to technology and innovation. These colors were then used with imagery from the islands to connect both theme and location in an elegant way. Metallic foils and thicker paper helped give the materials a certain heft and weight that made opening the welcome package all the more satisfying.

The welcome package included several innovation-themed gifts for attendees along with a book that included information about past conferences, introduced guest speakers, and contained a profile for each attendee. Copy for all collateral played on the theme of innovation, referencing innovations in Hawaiian history and examples of culture related to Hawaii to fully convey the theme of the conference.
Writing: Ryan Croker
Video Editing and Motion Graphics: Joseph Lindsay and Justin Dial
Creative Direction: Sebastian Tatum
Project Management: Jamie Harris
Concept Development: Jack Sanford

Larry H. Miller Leadership Conference 2020
Multiple Owners
James Kenison