AEDAF, Spanish Association of Tax Advisors

We were commissioned by the Spanish Association of Tax Advisers (AEDAF) to redesign their brand, as well as to create a visual and graphic system that would allow them to be independent when  dealing with all their online and offline communications.

The Spanish Association of Tax Advisors, AEDAF, was established in 1967 and gathers more than 3,200 professionals in 15 districts covering the entire national territory.

The Problem ⟶
AEDAF had an identity system which over the years had lost unity and consistency. Communications did not differ from each other, they had lost coherence.​​​​​​​
On one hand, they needed an identity that would position them for what they are, an association in constant activity, created by and for advisers, a benchmark in tax practice; and on the other hand they needed to consolidate in terms of growth and visibility in front of their different interest groups: associates, professionals, public administration, the media and society in general.

The Solution
We created an identity based on the relationship between people, whether they are the associates themselves or between all those who have AEDAF as a reference. An identity that values ​​the key pillars on which the Association is based: innovation, forefront and rigor.

For the logo design we removed all the superfluous elements and enhanced the acronym itself, which is how the association is best known. AEDAF thus becomes the new symbol of the identity system. A cleaner brand, more contemporary and easy to identify and remember.
The chosen typeface is Suisse in two variants, Neue and Intl. A typeface family with a premium and versatile character to use in all corporate and communication pieces.
A color range (blue, beige) reflects the attributes and values ​​of the Association: excellence, leadership, honesty, credibility and integrity.
We also created a complete bank of icons/illustrations and photographs, with a rigorous and current tone, to be used in all their communications.

We generated a series of materials and templates intended both for internal communication with the associates themselves and for external communication aimed at positioning the Association as opinion leaders in its sector.
We have worked on the style guides and the communicative tone to unify all of their promotional materials: magazines, books, memoirs, reports, newsletters, merchandising, etc.

What have we done?
Strategy: Consultancy, Positioning, Personality and brand values
Design and communication: Visual identity, Art direction, Editorial design, Communication
Year: 2020
Client: Asociación Española de Asesores Fiscales 
Sector: Services
Creative direction, design: Ana Vañó Francés, Cristina Toledo
Discipline: Brand Identity, Communication 
Project by nueve estudio

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AEDAF, Spanish Association of Tax Advisors

AEDAF, Spanish Association of Tax Advisors

Desde la Asociación Española de Asesores Fiscales (Aedaf), se nos encargó realizar el rediseño de su marca, así como la creación de un sistema vi Read More