Rig Wheel
This 'persuasive vehicle concept', in other words designed to encourage exercise with mobility. The vehicle follows the dimensional constraints of a bike lane, while offering a stream-lined ventilated enclosure. The enclosure is constructed of a monofilm, closely resembling its material roots in windsurfing.  Construction of the enclosure directly adapts a windsurfing rig for its weight, transparency, durability and collapsable structure. The collapsed structure can be stored in an onboard storage compartment. Additionally, to fitting with the bike width it also folds down from its driven 3'-0" to 1'-3". 

'RigWheel' is propelled by modified recumbent bike mechanics. The drive mechanism is made up of three wheels with a rubberized profile that engage with a corresponding profile to the 'big wheel'. The larger drive wheel centered between two smaller wheels on tensioner arms. The three work in concert when braking and starting from zero where the driver may otherwise find themselves swinging up or back. The tensioner arms have a built in damper to resist this kickback or lunge effect. Together the 'Rig Wheel' is the hub-less wheeled vehicle without the excess cost of the traditionally structured giant wheel bearing (etc) hub-less assembly.

MIT Media Lab
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