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    The first Mac antivirus company gets ready for the competition.
As the first player in the Mac security space, Intego held a huge market share for several years. When the big players from the PC antivirus world entered the picture though, Intego knew they needed to step up their game. They asked us to relaunch their brand, revamp their product interfaces and create a new e-commerce site.
Leveraging Intego’s Mac-only focus became the key to our overall marketing strategy. While Intego wanted to retain their popular castle logo, virtually everything else was reinvented to create products and marketing that would appeal to, and build trust with, Mac owners.
While we developed a new visual strategy, we also tackled a key perception issue: Mac owners simply didn’t think their computers were vulnerable. As part of an education campaign, we personified the threats Apple users face with a series of characters known as the Security Villains. The villains made the danger tangible, and also added a unique and memorable design element to the brand.