Wine Packaging


This project seeks to represent female empowerment in a wine environment and convey Anna Espelt's emotions about her personal winemaking project.

After mapping different concepts and analogies, we decided to focus on certain attributes and we realized that there was a factor that united all of them: love. The love Anna has for l’Empordà , the place where she is from and the love she has for wine.

We chose the language of poetry to reflect these emotions. We wrote a poem inspired by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano, that describes the story of Anna in a more sensitive way. We decided to represent the sea and the mountain from L’Empordà  through a topographic language and the experience of tasting wine through layers and colours.

Elles | Wine Packaging

Master Packaging Design ELISAVA
Designers: Carmen Montarelo, Jessica Sandoval, Yolanda Santamaria 
Tutors: Xavier Bas, Miquel Capo

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