'95ers: Echoes'

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  • Early in 2012 and additionally in 2013, I contributed a number of VFX shots to a very ambitious indie sci-fi feature '95ers: Echoes'. Shots included the whole work, from initial design through matte painting of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., 3D models, animation and various visual effects, like spaceships' attack and explosions up to final compositing using AE and Nuke. It was the first project I had to wear so many hats, it was a challenge but a lot of fun, too. Audience and scifi fans appreciated the work as I won 'Best CGI' award at Louisville Fright Night Film Fest. The movie was also awarded with an overall award for VFX at Salt Lake Comic Con.
    Here's a trailer featuring some of the shots I prepared:
  • Some snapshots:
  • Large image requested for the promotional movie poster:
  • Poster itself: