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    by julia kozlov 2011
the industrial part of vancouver - call it east van, railtown, skid rown, whatever you want.

it's an isolated part of vancouver, right outside of downtown past canada's poorest zip code. the area is housed by warehouses, factories, alleys, and downright really awesome industrial architecture. there is barely ever a soul on the streets besides the occasional prostitute. a lot of truckers make their way through the streets upon return home - thus providing for some business for the girls. all in all there is a certain beauty and peace that is present in the area which i am really attracted too. you have the freedom to roam all you want while also getting a close-up and spectacular view of the mountains and have access to visit the headquarters of major companies like stormtech, columbia sports and jjbean. the interesting thing about this isolated part of town is that it also has some of the most modern real estate in vancouver and some of the world's top manufacturers or retail, industrial goods and manufacturing. you'd think it'd be a poor, isolated, dead-end place that is reminiscent of detroit - but it is quite the opposite. 

these photos were taken pivot legal society.