Doctor Degauss's Circus Calamitus & Ballyhoo Bizarre
Client: Matthew Ferguson
Project Timeframe: June 2013
Matthew manages a performing troupe based in Cincinatti, Ohio, USA, and needed a 6 x 6 foot banner designed for display at their shows. The symbols in the design represent the various themes within their performance - fire-breathing acts, magic, illusion and trickery.
The device being held is a Caduceus, a symbolic staff associated with the god Hermes in ancient Greek mythology, and in modern times associated with commerce and trades, but also with deception. (It is also sometimes confused with the similar Rod of Asclepius, which has a single serpent coiled around it and is the symbol used by medical associations.) The hand holding the 'ball finial' at the top of the Cadudeus represents balance, juggling and performing art. The serpents coiled around the Caduceus are fire-breathing dragons, representing the use of fire in the troupe's acts. The symbol inside the shield in the centre represents rogues, thieves and deception.
Done entirely using Adobe Illustrator, with a photo reference used for the hand.