Is it just me, or are things feeling a bit negative right now? Like many others, I spent lockdown glued to my phone and devices – at times, my only connection to the outside world. Technology took over and I found myself struggling to know when to put my phone down, laptop away, and take some time for myself.

Although social media and technology have been playing a huge part in keeping us connected during these crazy times, more and more evidence supports an association between social media, technology and negative mental health. Technology can impact negatively on many aspects of our lives, causing us to feel envy, depression and anxiety; affecting our sleeping patterns and impacting on our social skills, attention span and human connections.

It’s important to find that balance. It’s time to find our happy place.

Quick fixes like screen time reports are helpful when it comes to controlling time spent on devices, but what about when we come up against anxiety-inducing content?

What we need is an opportunity to get in front of the negativity, there and then. An instant escape from content that makes us feel rubbish – that will put a smile on our faces or give us time to take a deep breath.

Put a stop to endless scrolling

Cut short mindless scrolling. Give yourself time to tune out from social media
and ease back into reality.​​​​​​​

8 hours sleep isn't easy

Give your mind the rest it deserves. Get away from the noise of the net and let 
Happy Place help you get some sleep.

That awkward convo

When it comes to virtual dating, there's always a conversation you'd rather not have. 
How about escaping to the world of AR?

Start your day right

Sometimes it might feel like there's nothing to get you up in the morning.
Maybe puppies will help...​​​​​​​

Ads, ads, ads

The internet can be a pretty overwhelming place.
Show the ads who’s boss.

Have a breather now and again

Working from home? It’s difficult to know when to stop.
But we all need to take a break.
Help friends and family to relax, take a break and have some fun by
sharing these on your socials.
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Spread the good vibes with Happy Place T-shirts and stickers.
All proceeds go to mental health charity, Mind.
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Inject some happiness into your designs and presentations with the Happy Place typeface. All proceeds go to mental health charity, Mind. 
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Thanks for looking over the project and hoped you enjoyed viewing as much
as I enjoyed creating.

Please look after yourself, and your friends and family during this strange time.​​​

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All proceeds go to mental health charity, Mind. 
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