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    Classroom Project - Making Jewelry from an unconventional products for the personal adornment.
Exploring Forms with Areca Nuts 
A lot can happen with Areca nut.
Ahmedabad Mirror - Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Divya Bhaskar- Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Adiki Patrika - Karnataka
Adiki Patrika - Karnataka
Classroom Project
BRIEF - To design a Jewellery from the unconventional material, like paper, leather, bamboo, pipe, wire etc. The idea is to explore and understand the culture of the chosen material. To self discover and analyse physical and chemical property of material,characterises, limitation etc. So I chose the “Areca Nut “ it is also known  Betel Nuts.  Areca nut Jewellery Project is an totally new concept for me, and have never seen something like this before, this is an outcome of our Classroom project at Lifestyle accessory design (LAD) at NID PG- Campus Ganhinagar.
The Jewellery developed during the course are theme based, innovative, experimental research and concept based. It was a eureka for me when I found the word of beautiful texture in Areca nut. I was stunned with the quality of texture I got, every fiber was clean and clear, I got hypnotised and got attracted with the beauty of the cris-cross natural biomorphic fibre. I decided to make eco-friendly architectural structural shaped natural jewellery & am still exploring its various possibilities with the nuts.