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  • "This book is a treasure trove of inspiration for any artist and I am just as excited as anyone to learn from it!"
    Dylan Cole / Concept Art Director on Avatar

    "And as someone who is also travelling down that never-ending road, Spark is prenium fuel for my gas tank."
    Dan Milligan / 300, Watchmen, Infamous

    "I think you'll find it's a snappy and addictive read!"
    Sparth / Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia-Warrior Within, Alone in the Dark 4, Rage

    It's all about inspiration!

    STEAMPAINTING SPARK is the second step in Steambot's continuing evolution. It is the first in a series of five educational books. Unlike the IP based books in the Steambot series, the Steampainting series focuses on the process and techniques Steambot artists use to create concept art. Because this is our passion, the Steambot team has created a complete range of products for speedpainting, including instructional videos, custom brushes, seminars and other events dedicated to this art form!

    SPARK is sharing
    In volume 1, Spark looks at the method behind the inspiration of each subject, and specifically, helps users navigate the comprehensive steps used to create a visual representation of a design, idea or mood. These books reflect the passion and enthusiasm for concept art and offer a glimpse into the artists’ mindset and motivation behind each STEAMPAINT image. This book is almost like a live sketchbook where many ideas collide, through experiments and dreams. You’ll experience the team’s creative process, and see what works (and what doesn’t!). Constant sharing, experimenting, learning, trying and succeeding (and sometimes failing) are what make the Steambot team a success.

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