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    April 2013 Newsletter.
Ride My Bike is a fresh handmade font family, inspired by popular culture. It's perfect for use in headlines, brands and fashion photography compositions. Thanks to its leading characters, terminals, alternate characters, and ligatures the Pro versions contain more than 600 glyphs.

Andes, designed by Daniel Hernandez, is a display typeface that has neo-humanist characteristics. Its different terminals, among other elements, give this family a mixed look and feel. Andes is a type family with 10 Upright weights, 10 Italic weights, and an overall condensed feel from Ultra Light through to Black. This type family contains additional italic glyphs (a, y, z, g) that help emphasise text, words, or phrases. Andes is based on the design of Merced, with both sharing several similar features.


Trend is a font family created from layers, it's foundations are built on a slab-serif and sans-serif font. Trend is the result of observation, search and study of the latest global type trends. Trend tries to capture the aesthetics of fashion or even fashion itself, integrating elements of a very popular and current typographic trend.


Dharma Gothic is an antiqued sans serif family inspired by wood type from the 1800s. All glyphs have been carefully designed to be retro looking. This condensed font family with 42 styles is the perfect solution for posters, titles, branding, corporate identity, or for anywhere where you need versatile impact.


The original retail version of Memoriam (released in 2009) was an outstanding success. Since then it has become a standard presence on book covers, magazines, billboards, cosmetic packaging, tv advertisements, posters, and high-end pieces of design work throughout the world. It continues generating many calls for project-specific customisation on countless publications and design agencies. In 2011 three new Memoriam Pro variants (Headline, Outline and Inline) were released to accommodate public demand.


Semplicita Pro is a new sans serif design that effortlessly straddles the tri-cornered divide between the geometrical, humanist, and gothic sans serifs. We started by reappraising Semplicita, Alessandro Butti's important 1930 design for Nebiolo. Fueled by Futura, Semplicita gave us the clue to the future: Replace the cool geometric Teutonic soul of Futura with the warm, humanist, calligraphic letterforms that are characteristic not of the Bauhaus but of the Italian Renaissance. With its radically revised formal structure, where only a few characters have a hint of geometric perfection, and the rest are drawn in a calligraphic manner, Semplicita is buzzing with ideas and has served as a gene pool for several new typefaces over the last two decades.


The Orpheus Pro fonts started out as a straightforward revival of Tiemann's Orpheus and Euphorion. It was as simple as a work brief can be. But did we ever get carried away, and what should have been finished in a few weeks ended up consuming the best part of a year, countless jugs of coffee, and the merciless scrutiny of too many pairs of eyeballs. The great roman caps just screamed for plenty of extensions, alternates, swashes, ligatures, fusions from different times, and of course small caps. The roman lowercase wanted additional alternates and even a few ligatures. The italic needed to get the same treatment for its lowercase that Tiemann envisioned for the uppercase. So the lowercase went overboard, with plenty of alternates and swashes and ligatures. Even the italic uppercase was augmented by (maybe too many!) extra letters.
Orpheus Pro has been a real ride.

The new Solomon type family includes 12 very unique design styles. These twelve designs are divided into two main style groups, text family and display (or decorative) family. The Solomon text pack is characterised by excellent legibility, well-finished geometric designs, optimised kerning etc. Solomon is most suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks that come in both maximum and minimum variations.

Ebisu is a sans-serif type family consisting of 10 different weights. Starting with an original design (Hiruko), Ebisu loses the soft sans serif curves for a more robust geometric styling.

HypeForType April 2013 Newsletter