Lynx Africa - Hot Since 95
Lynx Africa - Hot Since 95
We’re travelling back in time to the era that quite literally made us – the 90s. The days of dial up, Dance Dance Revolution, Britpop and of course, the sweet smell of teenage spirit – Lynx freakin’ Africa. It’s been 25 long, legendary years and we’re celebrating with boxing idols, grime freestylers, weekly drops of 90s-inspired prizes – the lot. Fasten your bum bags boys, it’s about to get nostalgic up in here.
Some of the biggest names in advertising, Unilever, Lynx and MPC come together to celebrate 25 years of the mighty Lynx Africa.Unilever’s Lynx advertising,(known as Axe outside of UK) has broughtmany awards anda smile to many a face over the years. MPC was commissioned to deliver a campaign to celebrate 25 years of Lynx Africa but with progressive attitudes and sexual fluidity since the era of lad culture, the challenge was how does one celebrate the heritage of one of advertisings most impactful brands and be relevant today yet still evoke the era of the 1990’s. MPC’s solution was to take a trip down pop culture’s memory lane, but not just any old lane,an intergalactic time tunnel of a lane, stacked with references from the last 25 years.
Client: Lynx Africa Agency Oliver
Director: Richard Skinner
Production company: MPC
ECD: RodrigoSobral
Producer: Amie Kingsnorth
2D Supervisor: Alex Snookes
Animation Lead / Art Director: Donal O'Keeffe
Design team: Ingrid Tsy, Kerim Camdzic, Daphne Westelynck, Paul Hunt, Manuel Sepulveda
3D Supervisor: Will Laben
Colour: Duncan Russell

Lynx Africa - Hot Since 95