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Phlywheel is a platform built for entrepreneurs and SMEs who need an agency, but can't afford one. Built by Truly Inc., a team of digital marketing experts with over 20 years of experience, this "agency in a box" is all about demystifying digital marketing for our customers and members so that they can get immediate marketing help while also getting on a journey to mastering their own marketing skills.

Instead of just throwing courses and articles at them, we've created options that allow for flexibility and personalization. We do this by offering a few paths: 

1. Open access to free, on-demand content - through our blog, YouTube channel, and podcast - that is based on real-world. 

2. A la Carte premium offerings through the shop, where people can buy courses, digital tools and physical planning products. This allows the customer to purchase only what they want - and is completely self-directed.

3. A membership to a learning network where you can access real-time courses, daily micro-lessons, engage in community discussions and connect and converse with fellow marketers and the Truly experts to help guide you towards mastering your marketing knowledge as well as get immediate help in a safe, secure environment.

Each of these paths needed a personality, so we created distinct characters to help our customers and members navigate through the various properties.
The main logo for Phlywheel is a play on a Catherine Wheel - the spark-throwing firework that creates excitement as it spins faster and faster. Phlywheel is a wordplay of flywheel, a wheel that stores kinetic energy as it starts to spin and was used as a metaphor for how you build momentum for your business by Jim Collins. We loved the idea of applying the visuals of the more engaging, entertaining version of a flywheel to the logo. It represents the playful and accessible side of our brand.
Elphlyra (ell-fly-raw), the no-drama llama, is our learning network (aka community) mascot. Llamas are sociable, affectionate, and gentle. They are known to be intelligent, but will also give you their full attention and listen. As a New York Times article said, "Look at a llama and it’ll gaze back sympathetically with those huge, beguiling eyes, ears perked up, looking for all the world like it understands you and really cares about your problems."

This makes the Llama a perfect representative for the community.
Phlybert (fly-bert), our showy toucan, is the steward of the shop. Toucans are friendly, playful, intelligent and curious about everything. They are also gregarious and outgoing, brimming with personality (often with some goofiness). Phlybert, the showman, is the perfect representative for the shop, which is all about personality and choice.
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