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Skoda Auto Museum
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This enchanting car with its winged arrow on the bonnet transports us back to the charming swing era, to the time when people believed in the potential of modern technology, the period of prosperity in the young democracy of Czechoslovakia and especially to the world of avantgarde concepts reflected in the revolutions in lifestyles and clothing.  We find ourselves in the atmosphere of the 1930s, when poetic and crystal-clear relationships unfolded in tales from the Jazz Age...   
Created by teachers and students of Studios of Advertising and Applied Photography at „Orange Factory" Prague and FAD JEPU Ústí nad Labem with kindly help of Management and Staff of Škoda Auto Museum Mladá Boleslav.

SYNOPSIS: prof. Miroslav Vojtěchovský, QEP, 
Jana Bauerová, Eliška Fischerová, Aneta Trajerová

Jana Bauerová, Eliška Fischerová, Aneta Trajerová, František Nikl

CLOTH DESIGN: Hana Hykyšová

MAKE-UP & HAIR DESIGN: Natálie Starková

CATERING: Emil Drahoš, František Nikl

CREW: BcA. Jan Berghauer, Emil Drahoš, Tomáš Hercog, BcA. Juliana Křížová, František Nikl, Jan Slavík, Jakub Tomec

CAST: Tereza Klenorová, Tomáš Bauer, Eliška Mohrová, Aneta Trajerová, Tomáš Hercog, Jakub Tomec, Lukáš Ditrich, Jan Slavík

GRAPHIC DESIGN: BcA. Jakub Konupka, Studio GD 1 FAD JEPU

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Studio 91 – Model Management s. r. o., T SERVIS s.r.o. Praha, ADES Praha and the residents of urban areas Spořilov and Roztyly, Prague
Skoda Auto Museum

Skoda Auto Museum

Skoda Auto Museum