Creative Types is the brainchild of Adobe Create; creative agency Anyways; a group of UK designers and developers; and Carolyn Gregoire a writer, creative consultant, and co-author of Wired to Create: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind.

Creative Types test aims to identify the core personality in each of us. The test's goal is to shine a light on the inner workings of different creative personality types in a way that might help us better understand ourselves, our creative process, and our potential.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We wanted Creative Types test to be visually exciting and fun. To achieve that Anyways brought collaborators together to ensure every physical and digital detail felt unified and cohesive from set building to sound design, 3D design and more.

Bringing each personality to life. Each character is informed by intimate decisions and individual ways of thinking, so we wanted them to feel like personal mascots that are relatable and shareable. We went through lots and lots of iterations of characters before settling on the final set of 8.
The Adventurer
The Maker
The Visionary
The Innovator
The Artist
The Producer
The Dreamer
The Thinker
Final set of characters.
Scene creation. Throughout the quiz, you’ll notice scenes that play after each question, depending on the answer you choose. To set Creative Types apart from all the existing tests out there, set designers Isabel + Helen were brought in to create two tactile sets for each question, meaning almost everybody who takes the test will take a custom visual route.​​​​​​​
Sketches for sets.
Actual questions and answers.
Merging physical & digital. To bring each set to life within the test, videographers Baker & Evans directed and filmed each scene, and Sounds Like These added sound to enrich the user experience. To bring everything together, web designer Dan Powell assembeled, allowing creatives to take the test from all corners of the world.
Each user receives a shareable pdf with tips for maximizing strengths, untapped potential and their ideal collaborators. 
Behind the scenes.
Webby Award Winner. We are excited that Webbys has recognized Creative Types Personality Quiz as its 2020 Winner in their Advertising, Media & PR: Products & Services category. Over 7 million people took the quiz and were not shy about sharing it with others contributing to its popularity. Thanks to all Creative Types out there!

One Show Finalist. One show has also recognized Creative Types Personality Quiz as a Finalist in its 2020 Interactive & Online and Design categories.
Research, Test Design & Copywriting: Carolyn Gregoire
3D Artist: Anton Hjertstedt
Set Design: Isabel & Helen
Video Directors: Baker & Evans
BTS Film: Jamie Dougan
Sound Design: Sounds Like These
Web Design: Dan Powell
Adobe: AJ Joseph, Kashka Pregowska-Czerw, Terri Stone, Charles Purdy, Dan Cowles
Adobe Creative Types quiz

Adobe Creative Types quiz

The Creative Types test is an exploration of the many facets of the creative personality. Based on psychology research, the test assesses your ba Read More