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    A tower defense game for iPad and iPhone.
A tower defense game for iPad and iPhone, created in partnership with Danilo Gentili, one of the most important comedians in Brazil.
This was my first project at Monster Juice. I was responsible for modeling, uvmapping, rigging, animation, render and FX(attacks, deaths,etc) of all character including six tower and nine enemies. I also did the most of the animations effects of scenarios, as fire, water drops, smoke, explosions,cutscenes, etc.
Technically, we used Unity for this project and all animation were pre-rendered and exported as sequence of images(png). Each tower was rendered on 13 cameras around it, and each enemy  with 3 cameras (back,front,side).
Approximately three months to complete my tasks.
You can see more about this project in another link here in Behance.
Download it for free here.