Client: The «Heimbach Group» is a traditional hi-tec deliverer for the paper industry. With locations all over the world, Heimbach is one of a few global manufacturers for textile paper machine clothing. Heimbach's awareness level is 100%.

Job: identity, stationery, brochure design, ad design, technical information, 3d-illustrations, text and pr

In 2004 we have been awarded as best agency for b2b design and most informative pr within the global paper industry.

Because the whole paper industry is all about machines, statistics, measurement and b2b, we wanted to show facts in a discreetly more atmospheric design, you could say we wanted to give the audience an after-work view on the business of Heimbach.

As the whole process of papermaking is quite complex, we decided to create metaphoric image ads. This worked perfectly because Heimbach's awareness level is 100% in the global paper industry.
The products of Heimbach are almost impossible to picture. That’s why we introduced especially developed 3dimensional  images (which became industry standard in the meantime). Real life product's thickness is approx. 1.3 mm and made of different materials (such as polyester, polyamide, secret fibre treatments, stainless, etc. …). In an early stage we created over 60 of these illustrations by sketching outlines by hand, vectorizing in Illustrator and finalizing the images in Photoshop. 

The product brochures have a vertical color code at the right of the cover page to categorize them in paper machine sections. All of Heimbach's brochures can be unfolded while keeping filed.
Some of the product launch folders have an especially designed (un)folding technique, which was quite complicated to produce (the paper/material thickness was a relevant factor). Every step of the unfolding process uncovers new information in the desired storytelling order.
In a later stage of our 3dimensional product model evolution, we started creating them as real 3d in Modo.
Illustration for the header of «Heimbach Express», a quarterly published print newspaper.
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